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Digital Combat Simulator:


What is DCS?

DCS is an advanced combat simulation centered around aerial combat especially, it allows for incredibly realitic simulation of dogfights, air to ground combat and many other forms of combat involving aircraft. This realism comes at the price of performance, luckily kitty hosting has more than enough performace for even the most intense battles ensuring you allways perform your best.

Scuffling seaxes:

The scuffling seaxes are a group of flight sim enthusiasts who primarily use DCS for their simulations, being elite gamers they demand the absoloute pinnacle of performance to their best and as such kitty hosting currently provide Scuffling Seaxes with top notch servers to power their operations.

Server IP address:

DCS SRS IP address:

"Kitty Hosting is by far the best and most stable server provider the 17th S.S. have had the pleasure of working with. Their stable servers make even the most intense dogfights on the floor of Krasnodar a smooth ride and easy fodder." -Jack Dean, Scuffling seaxes founder