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What is minecraft?

Minecraft is a voxel based survival crafting game set in an infinite procedurally generated world with a fully dynamic environment, on top of this many third party programs allow for an almost limitless amount of modifcation, because of this scalability minecraft can run well on low specced mobile decices or bring high end pcs to their knees with many hundereds of mods being loaded at once, luckily due to the high speed servers at kitty hosting we are equipped to handle such a workload and keep your game running smooth for those epic minecraft bedwars wins.

Spicy boys:

The spicy boys are a crack team of epic minecrafters and builders who demand the utmost in minecraft performance, just one tick of blocklag could be the difference between an epic minecraft bedwars win or a crushing defeat. Becaue of this need for performance kitty hosting provides the finest servers to the spicy boys to ensure they can perform their best, even when dealing with manny hundreds of the most demanding mods.

Server IP address:

"Thanks to the powerful servers provided by Kitty Hosting, I didn't have to localy host my modded Minecraft world, freeing up bandwidth and resources which allowed for me to win 3 minecraft bed war games back to back. Now thats what I call a #epicwin." -Terry, spicy boys' star bed wars player