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What is kitty hosting?

Kitty hosting is a small game and project hosting service ran for fun. We currently run a small selection of games servers which can be found under the game hosting section allong with the respective ip adresses of that server, your more than welcome to connect and play.
This is entirely ran for fun as a hobby, nothing on this site should be taken seriously

What can kitty hosting run?

Here at kitty hosting we are currently capable of hosting small to medium sized game servers with excelent performance across a wide range of titles, we currenly boast 16 gigabytes of highspeed ram, a modern quadcore processor allong with a mix of high speed solid state storage and reliable redundant hardrives in a raid 1 configuration to ensure your game allways performs it's best

What ping can I expect?

Kitty hosting uses a fast fibre connection to deliver speeds of 72/20mbps allong with a typical ping of 5ms to the wider internet, more than enough to host any game even at a large scale. Note that due to the location of kitty hosting in the uk some measures may need to be put in place to ensure clients overseas can also have a good experience free from lag and timeouts.

Will kitty hosting remain fast and reliable?

Kitty hosting is contantly expanding and evolving to meet the needs of the elite gamers who utilise it meaning your experience will only get better over time.

Who uses kitty hosting currently?

Kitty hosting is currently utilised as the main gaming platform by many elite gamers including, but not limited to the spicy bois of the spicy bois discord server, the masterfull tacticians of the SPAC arma 3 unit and the brave pilots of the scuffling seaxes DCS unit.

When do kitty hosting's services run?

Kitty hosting runs it's services 24/7 to ensure its ready when you are, its impressive uptime also means you can rest assured its there when you need it. 👍

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