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What is arma?

Arma is not simply a game, arma is a highly realistic simulation of not only combat but life itself. Everything in the game is physically modeled from the time bullets take to travel down to minuscule details like the speed of sound affecting audio on the fly by utilising some of the most advanced ai and physics tech the millitary simulation world has ever seen. Because of this you can rest assured that any action performed in arma would have happened exactly the same in real life incluing immersive details such as tanks flipping after hitting a stone, trust arma, its done the math. However this extreme realism comes at a massive performance cost and as such arma can bring the most powerfull of computers to their knees, luckily kitty hosting have power to spare and can power even the most fearsome of battles keeping the virtual soliders immersed in this one of a kind millitary simulator.


TFAR is the latest in virtual millsim communication technology allowing for advanced positional audio and realistic virtual radios


SPAC is an arma unit comprised of some of the greatest minds to ever grace the millsim community, their exploits are nemerous and their tallents countless. Their unorthodox methods allow them to efficiently eliminate threats such as when the "stuntlads" where used to outflank the enemy and ultimately ensure victory for the SPAC unit. In order to ensure that SPAC can live up to its legendary reputation and continue to vanquish evil from altis kitty hosting provides them with the finest servers.

Server IP address:

TFAR (teamspeak) IP address:

"Kitty hosting's servers have allowed for frequently training with my fellow revolutionaries and with performance so stable they could even have keep the Lukashenko regime in power. If only Gaddafi had used these servers, Libya would have been stable enough for him to remain in power." -Jacob Mcvaddy, SPAC founder